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About Us

We're a mixed martial arts gym and truly have something for the whole family! Here at The PIT Idaho, you'll learn practical martial arts while getting into peak physical condition.

Our training style is "old-school tough," yet effective, unique, and ever evolving. Most of all, the environment here is welcoming and fun. Our gym is family focused and you'll soon find out that being part of The PIT means being part of an extended family.

Whether you're looking to get in the best shape of your life, lose weight, learn how to defend yourself, earn a black belt, or just have fun, we welcome you to the Ohana!

About Us



Cruz Gomez

Owner/Head Coach
Hawaiian Kempo/BJJ


Cruz started training in 1998. Under the tutelage of Chuck Liddell and Scott Adams, Cruz began his fight career in Aug. of 1999. Cruz has had 31 pro fights throughout his career and has since retired and is now only coaching and training. He is a 4th Degree Hawaiian Kempo Black Belt under John Hackleman and Chuck Liddell. Cruz is also a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Luigi Mondelli of Kore Jiu-Jitsu and American Top Team.

Sophie Aaron

Hawaiian Kempo/Kids


Sophie is a Black Belt in Hawaiian Kempo and a BJJ Purple Belt under Kumu Cruz Gomez and has been training under his tutelage for 12 years.  She's competed and won/podiumed in both BJJ and Kickboxing. She loves coaching and teaching, and brings her passion & enthusiasm to the mat every day.

Clayton Carpenter

Hawaiian Kempo


Clayton is a Brown Belt in Hawaiian Kempo and a BJJ Purple Belt and has been training both since early 2018. His favorite part of training is the consistent growth and improvement that it brings. Whether it's being in better shape and making life easier physically, or the mental aspects that make him more resilient, he loves all of it. He enjoys teaching students good self defense techniques and helping them work towards the best version of themselves!

Josh Meachum



Josh is a BJJ Brown Belt and started his BJJ/MMA journey in 2016 under Jeremy Horn and his coaches in Sandy, UT. He enjoys competing in grappling tournaments such as Grappling Industries and Naga and has two amateur MMA fights with Steel Fist and Fierce Fighting Championship. Josh started training here at The PIT in early 2022. When he's not on the mat, you can find him at work or playing his Xbox!

Irie Borger

Assistant Coach


Irie is a Brown Belt in Hawaiian Kempo and a BJJ Blue Belt. She has been training HK since June 2018 and BJJ since March 2020. Most of her time is spent at the gym but when she is not here she is doing art like drawing or painting. She is working towards pursuing a career as a forensic analyst in the future. 

P Nut

Assistant Coach


P Nut is a Green Belt in Hawaiian Kempo and has been training since early 2021. He loves coaching because he likes to show others the best way to defend themselves and help people become the best version of themselves. If he's not at the gym, he likes to watch sports like football, basketball, and baseball,  or hanging out with friends and family.

Dom Stoff

Assistant Coach


Dom is a Blue Belt in Hawaiian Kempo and a BJJ Blue Belt (he recently received both of these on the same day!). He started training BJJ and HK in 2022. He enjoys the endless amounts of learning BJJ and HK have to offer. He's also on The PIT Fight Team and has a strong aspiration to become a professional fighter. One of his favorite pastimes is big game hunting in the fall for deer and elk.




Hawaiian Kempo

Belt progression focused on striking and grappling. HK is a mixed-style martial art created for self-defense.


Kids Hawaiian Kempo

Belt progression focused on striking and grappling. Kids HK emphasizes life-skills building such as confidence, mental toughness, and respect. And of course FUN.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Belt progression focused on  grappling and ground fighting using joint-locks and chokeholds.


Basic Kickboxing & Conditioning

Develop a foundation in basic striking while reaching peak physical shape.


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"The PIT has been a tremendous addition to my life. Kumu Cruz and Sophie run a great operation and have created a family-like atmosphere where we can go and put the work in. The training is top notch, Kumu Cruz’s vast experience shines through every time he provides instruction helping us to get better every class. Training with this crew has been one of the best decisions I’ve made."

Brandon S.


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Let's Get Started

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